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Translation of Japanese to Spanish: Know the Cons and Pros

By translationservices On July 1, 2010NO COMMENTS

Mostly, Japanese language is translated into English language. But what if Japanese language is needed to be translated into non English language like Spanish and French and some minority languages like Catalan, Galego and Basque? This article will give you some analysis on how Japanese to non English translation works.

Translation of Japanese to non English has its cons and pros. The pros: because non English translators are very few, the competition is very low thus translators have higher chance of getting higher rate for the service. On the other hand, because non English is not widely used, their dictionary is not that good as English. Also, some of the common English word such as machine, computer, tools, machining centre, etc is present in Katakana Alphabet of Japanese. Click here to continue reading

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Language Translation for Diplomats: A Delicate High-Wire Act

By translationservices On April 9, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Just how tough can the work of a United Nations language interpreter be?  Judging from insider stories, it’s a risky balancing act where a misinterpreted word or two can mean peace or war.

Just ask Igor Korchilov. He was a top interpreter assigned to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and American President George Bush (senior) in the late 1980s, when they held important discussions on arms control. They were already about to conclude treaties when they reached a momentary stumbling block: which aircraft would be allowed to fly over the other side’s territory to inspect and verify compliance with the treaties?

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Know the Significance of Legal Translation

By translationservices On March 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Legal translation industry has become in demand these days since globalization and international business expansion increased. There’s a lot of company that looking for translation service that will translate legal document from one language to another. Since legal papers and documents have high complexity when it comes to translation, a company should seek for translation provider who is professional and reliable and must have experience in translating such documents. If a certain translator fails to meet the requirement about legal translation, it might cause a total mess.

Here’s the list of the legal documents that involves legal translation:

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German Language Crash Course Tip: The Basic German Sentence Structure

By translationservices On March 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

You’re a first-time tourist to Germany, with travel book and dictionary in hand, eager to converse with the locals. You might be a new student of the language.  Where do you start?

Or what if you need to learn the German language in the quickest way possible?  You could be applying for an important job that requires a German translation exam, and are brushing up nervously on your language skills.  What should you focus on in your review?

Whatever your situation, the first and most important thing to remember is how the basic German sentence pattern works. A common mistake native English speakers make when attempting to construct or translate a German sentence is to assume it is structured in the same way as in English (it’s not), and to proceed with a word-for-word literal translation.

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The Chinese Webmaster’s Top 10 Tips (For Translating Websites for Chinese Markets)

By translationservices On March 23, 2010 2 COMMENTs

So you’re a webmaster tasked to translate one of your client’s websites “into Chinese.”  Before you embark on this daunting task, here are ten tips to remember when you aim to make a professional, highly-polished translation.

1. Use Mandarin Chinese.

China is huge, and it’s got several dialects. But it does have one official language all Chinese understand – Mandarin.  This particular dialect is also traditionally the most widely-used of all the Chinese dialects, even more than Cantonese.  So unless it’s targeting a particular Chinese market, the website should be translated into Mandarin Chinese.

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Finding the Best and Reliable Singapore Translation Company

By translationservices On March 16, 2010 NO COMMENTS

As business world becomes smaller nowadays, many businesses are expanding internationally. In this case, it is important that their possible consumer can understand what they are going to offer. Having good communication with the consumer is essential as it is the means on how to get more sales from them. Given these facts, translations of content and documents regarding with the business is important and need to be prioritized.

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Translation Cost: Know the Most Reasonable Rate for Translation Service

By translationservices On March 8, 2010 4 COMMENTs

You need a translation service but you don’t have any idea on how much it will cost you. This article might help you to give you an idea on how much you need to spend in translation service. You will also have a basic idea on how much is too cheap or how much is too expensive.

There are some questions you have to ask to yourself before you seek or offer a translation service. Here are those:

Who will be your translation provider – the translator?

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Translation Service: Effective Pointers on How to Find a Reliable Translator

By translationservices On February 28, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Translation of different languages is now basic necessity in today’s business world. It is important that your targeted customer or patrons can actually understand what your business is offering. Communicating with them using the languages that they can understand well is beneficial as they will be enticed to deal with you. It will also boost your business’ confidence and generate positive impression from clientele. And, generating more clients means more sales.

If you are not a multilingual yourself, you may want to employ a professional translator. However, looking for a reliable professional translator is not that simple. You have to consider lots of pointers before you jump into any choice. Because the job nature is translations, you may find it hard to judge their work. Moreover, translation services may cost some bucks therefore you have to be careful in selecting which translation services is perfect fit for your business. Or else, you will just waste your time so as money.

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20% Lost In Meaning For Translation

By translationservices On January 30, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Having to translate from one language to another requires one to learn the language for at least 3 to 5 years. A lot of us do not realise that when translating to another language, 20% of the meaning has been lost in the process.

Why is that 20% of the meaning is lost?

1) Different meaning from different language. Words from different has different meanings, evening if it has almost the same for 2 languages, there is still a small difference.

2) Different culture. Even if we are using almost the same meaning word, it may not make sure to the other culture language.

This 20% lost in meaning is true throughout the world, and there is nothing much we can do about it. The best way is to use the translation services in that particular country.

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