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Archive for the ‘Translation Company’ Category

Translation Services: Choosing The Best One

By translationservices On June 1, 2010 NO COMMENTS

How to cut down the expenses? What are the different ways of reducing the cost? Those are frequently asked question today. Everyone is facing financial crisis so they are looking for means that can help them to cut the cost of almost everything – same situation in translation services.

Unfortunately, there are some people (company) who are comparing translation services based on the cost and not the quality without realizing that chances are they might get what they paid for.

Some companies think that if they are going to choose cheaper translation service, they will be able to cut their cost. That is definitely wrong.

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How to be a Good Professional Translator?

By translationservices On April 22, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Since there are different languages used by different country, translation has become very useful in all aspect of today’s communication. Even in old times, our natives are using translator or interpreter to be able to communicate with other nation since different tribes have their own language. Translator serves as mediator between tribes and kingdoms. Because of this profession, war and misunderstanding was avoided.

Before, people communicate using body language. Interpreters or translators are people who know more language than others. Being professional in terms of translation is a must. – A necessity. One wrong translated word might cause war and worse consequence. Therefore, translator should be very careful in choosing a translated word or messages. In old times, a translation mistakes may cost lives. Thus, mediators are sensible and accurate in their translation.

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