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Archive for the ‘Business Translation’ Category

Translation Services are Key to Overseas Business Partnerships

By translationservices On June 21, 2010 NO COMMENTS

When testing the waters of a new market, businesses often anchor themselves by entering into limited liability partnerships (also called LLPs) with local parties.  LLPs can reduce investment risks and expansion costs by distributing them between partners, limiting liabilities to the amount of money they’ve invested, and protecting them from loss of assets.  This arrangement requires great mutual understanding and trust.

But suppose your new partners and market are from a different country, speak a different language and follow a different set of customs. Would hiring a translation service agency help foster their trust?

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Globalization Means Deep Translation

By translationservices On May 5, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Globalization is a 21st century fact of life. No matter where you are at the moment, you are likely to be eating, drinking, wearing or using a product originally made of raw materials from perhaps two different continents, assembled in another country on a third continent, then shipped off to be sold in your country in a fourth continent.

Even the companies that create these goods or services reflect their nature.  For instance, a food and beverage conglomerate made up of Swiss, German and American counterparts could choose its headquarters in Singapore, because it’s early on decided to target the Asia-Pacific region, and set up food manufacturing operations in India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

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