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Archive for July, 2010

Translation of Japanese to Spanish: Know the Cons and Pros

By translationservices On July 1, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Mostly, Japanese language is translated into English language. But what if Japanese language is needed to be translated into non English language like Spanish and French and some minority languages like Catalan, Galego and Basque? This article will give you some analysis on how Japanese to non English translation works.

Translation of Japanese to non English has its cons and pros. The pros: because non English translators are very few, the competition is very low thus translators have higher chance of getting higher rate for the service. On the other hand, because non English is not widely used, their dictionary is not that good as English. Also, some of the common English word such as machine, computer, tools, machining centre, etc is present in Katakana Alphabet of Japanese.

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