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Translation of Japanese to Spanish: Know the Cons and Pros

By translationservices On July 1, 2010NO COMMENTS

Mostly, Japanese language is translated into English language. But what if Japanese language is needed to be translated into non English language like Spanish and French and some minority languages like Catalan, Galego and Basque? This article will give you some analysis on how Japanese to non English translation works.

Translation of Japanese to non English has its cons and pros. The pros: because non English translators are very few, the competition is very low thus translators have higher chance of getting higher rate for the service. On the other hand, because non English is not widely used, their dictionary is not that good as English. Also, some of the common English word such as machine, computer, tools, machining centre, etc is present in Katakana Alphabet of Japanese. Click here to continue reading

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Translation Services are Key to Overseas Business Partnerships

By translationservices On June 21, 2010 NO COMMENTS

When testing the waters of a new market, businesses often anchor themselves by entering into limited liability partnerships (also called LLPs) with local parties.  LLPs can reduce investment risks and expansion costs by distributing them between partners, limiting liabilities to the amount of money they’ve invested, and protecting them from loss of assets.  This arrangement requires great mutual understanding and trust.

But suppose your new partners and market are from a different country, speak a different language and follow a different set of customs. Would hiring a translation service agency help foster their trust?

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The Quirks in Translating Online Web Ads to Other Languages

By translationservices On June 15, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Translating any manner of print ad from English into another language is a pretty straightforward task.  You simply hire a translator to work with your campaign manager to change the copy.

But online Web ads are a wholly different case.  Copywriters and translators come face-to-face with the unique and often unforeseen quirks of the Internet – so it’s best to know them now before you start the work.

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Benefits of Medical Translations

By translationservices On June 8, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Growth and development in our technology and medical science cannot be successfully achieved if it’s limited when it comes to accessibility. To make it viable, people in around the world should be able to reach and understand its benefits. Unfortunately, people are using various languages and oftentimes, they can’t understand foreign languages. To make it possible for people to understand these medical terms and benefits, published medical researches and documents should be translated. Since most of science and technology researches published are written in English, non English nation cannot understand what the research is all about. Thus, most of these researches facilitate medical translations.

Medical translations are performed by medical experts who have in-depth understanding about medical terms as well as the source and target languages. These professionals oftentimes are group of medical experts and doctor that undertaking translation in different languages. Mostly translated languages in terms of medical translations are Japanese, Korean, polish, French, German, Swedish, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

Some of specialized medical translation companies employ several language specialist and professional translators to translate medical documents used in scientific journal and pharmaceutical trades. Medical translation is also performed in some of medical and scientific websites and advertisement. This is also useful for hospitals and patients use. Medical terminologies are carefully translated by specialist in this kind of translation.

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Translation Services: Choosing The Best One

By translationservices On June 1, 2010 NO COMMENTS

How to cut down the expenses? What are the different ways of reducing the cost? Those are frequently asked question today. Everyone is facing financial crisis so they are looking for means that can help them to cut the cost of almost everything – same situation in translation services.

Unfortunately, there are some people (company) who are comparing translation services based on the cost and not the quality without realizing that chances are they might get what they paid for.

Some companies think that if they are going to choose cheaper translation service, they will be able to cut their cost. That is definitely wrong.

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Translation of Legal Documents: Basic Facts to Know

By translationservices On May 24, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Legal translation is the term use in a translation that is related to a field of law. Since legal translation involves critical and highly sensitive information, it is not an easy job to translate legal documents. It requires very legible and accurate standards. This kind of translation can only be dine and performed by highly-skilled and specialized translator. Legal translator should be experienced with the field of law and with superb quality and skills. A single translation mistake can cause a serious mess – oftentimes leads lawsuits and out of court cases. Therefore, a legal translator should be very careful in performing his job to avoid any consequences.

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Important Concerns about Translation for Non-Profit Organization

By translationservices On May 19, 2010 NO COMMENTS

In some instances, non-profit organization needs to seek for translation services to be able to reach non-English speaker people. That way, non English people will be able to understand their agenda as well as the program that will help them. But the challenging part is – because it is non-profit organization, the budget is tight. So what you are going to do to be able to achieve a high quality translated material with the tight budget.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider:

  1. Negotiate with the translation company. Discuss to them your needs as well as your budget in translation. Ask their fees for non-profit organization. If they are not offering any at the moment, ask for some discounts and less. For an instance, the first 250 words of translated in German language is free or 50% less.

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Spanish Translation Services: Choosing the Good from the Bad and Ugly

By translationservices On May 10, 2010 NO COMMENTS

The need for Spanish translation services has been steadily increasing in the U.S, a direct result of its steadily increasing Hispanic population.  This demographic is also much wealthier than ever before.  Official reports for 2008 peg the current combined purchasing power of Hispanics in America at US$870 billion, and project this figure to rise to a whopping US$1.3 trillion by the next decade.  The great demand for products and services to be packaged and marketed to bilingual Spanish-speaking consumers is already visible today.  And more and more Spanish translation service companies have cropped up to meet this demand.

But just because there are more Spanish translators doesn’t mean there’s more quality service available.  In fact, the great demand guarantees enough room for too many mediocre translators out for profits to operate the field.  To make sure you can distinguish a reputable English/Spanish translation company from the rest of the pack:

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Globalization Means Deep Translation

By translationservices On May 5, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Globalization is a 21st century fact of life. No matter where you are at the moment, you are likely to be eating, drinking, wearing or using a product originally made of raw materials from perhaps two different continents, assembled in another country on a third continent, then shipped off to be sold in your country in a fourth continent.

Even the companies that create these goods or services reflect their nature.  For instance, a food and beverage conglomerate made up of Swiss, German and American counterparts could choose its headquarters in Singapore, because it’s early on decided to target the Asia-Pacific region, and set up food manufacturing operations in India, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

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How to be a Good Professional Translator?

By translationservices On April 22, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Since there are different languages used by different country, translation has become very useful in all aspect of today’s communication. Even in old times, our natives are using translator or interpreter to be able to communicate with other nation since different tribes have their own language. Translator serves as mediator between tribes and kingdoms. Because of this profession, war and misunderstanding was avoided.

Before, people communicate using body language. Interpreters or translators are people who know more language than others. Being professional in terms of translation is a must. – A necessity. One wrong translated word might cause war and worse consequence. Therefore, translator should be very careful in choosing a translated word or messages. In old times, a translation mistakes may cost lives. Thus, mediators are sensible and accurate in their translation.

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English To Chinese Translation Services In Singapore

By translationservices On April 15, 2010 NO COMMENTS

If you are looking to translate English to Chinese in Singapore, then you found the right place!

English and Chinese languages are our first and second languages for Singaporean Chinese. It’s a fact that almost 95% of Singaporeans are able to speak some basic English, thus able to communicate to most of the foreigners in Singapore. Most are able to communicate well with our Chinese counterpart from China.

BUT, when it comes to translation from English to Chinese, or vice versa in writing or even in speech, we (Singaporean Chinese) are not that accurate in translation. As most are not train to translate as accurate as possible.

That is why you will need a professional English to Chinese translator that can help do the job for you.

Our English Chinese translators have at least 3 years in experience, so you have not worries with the end results.

Click here to contact us for English Chinese Translation Quotation Now!